From the Atomic Bomb to the Perfect Portfolio - The Quantum Map


The whole world learned the power of Einstein’s ideas when the atomic bomb “Little Boy” exploded over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.  The blockbuster “Oppenheimer” is the story of the “American Prometheus” who led the team of scientists who built the bomb.  I first heard this story when I was a Lutheran minister in Los Alamos, NM from 1984-1990.  Today you can learn about the top secret Manhattan project by visiting the Bradbury Science Museum and the National Park site in Los Alamos. 

Quantum finance is the less known story of how scientists used Einstein’s ideas to build the perfect portfolio.  “From the Atomic Bomb to the Perfect Portfolio” is a series of short videos about the Nobel Prize winning ideas that make up this story. Start the series with episode one at this link. Feel free to email your comments and interact with us on our blog ( or YouTube channel. Who knows, with your help maybe Hollywood will turn The Perfect Portfolio Project into a blockbuster movie?  

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