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Plan & Act is a Fee-only financial planning service that offers independent money management. We are a Registered Investment Advisor. We maintain a fiduciary relationship with our clients and assume a legal duty to place your interests ahead of our own. Our services are delivered with the highest level of professional financial advice, using an interactive financial planning technology.

Robert Schumann

Senior Adviser
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David Ron

Director of Technology

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Christopher Tanner

Team Adviser
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Plan & Act’s Vision Statement: “To provide ordinary Americans with expert personal financial planning advice and objective money management by our easy and affordable online solution.”

Elite 1% FEE-ONLY

We are among the 1% of ca. 630,000 Registered Representatives who are true fiduciaries - do not receive compensation from the sale of products.

What makes us different from other Financial Advisors?

  1. Plan & Act is an online financial advisor, positioned to help you achieve your goals of financial security and a sound retirement through the use of an industry-leading online financial planning tool and independent money management services. By leveraging sophisticated technology, Plan & Act is able to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver a comprehensive financial plan based on the proven financial planning principles. We are much less intrusive than face-to-face advisors and walk you through a comprehensive planning process at your convenience - all within the comfort of your own home.
  2. Another key difference that sets Plan & Act apart from other financial advisors is that the fees charged to you, the customer, for the financial plan and money management are extremely competitive to what is being charged in the marketplace by other financial planners and advisors.
  3. Additionally, Plan & Act’s independence allows us to act as a fiduciary on your behalf, not only in the creation of the plan, but in its execution when appointed as your money manager. Unlike brokers or other types of financial advisors, we are not forced to use a certain company’s financial products which allows us the freedom to use the financial products that are in your best interest. It is also important to note that we are not affiliated with Scottrade, the custodian that we use. What this means to you is that we do NOT collect ANY COMMISSIONS on the investment products that we are recommending for our clients and we absolutely do not receive any kickbacks or incentives of any kind. This means we are completely on YOUR side and only have YOUR interests at heart.
Plan & Act provides you with a personalized and practical financial workplan that you can easily understand and execute. Your information is kept 100% secure throughout the process, in accordance with the strictest federal and state regulations.

In today's uncertain economic times, sound financial advice is more important than ever. Until now, however, middle income Americans could not afford the highest level of professional financial advice that is so critical to understanding, and improving, one's financial situation. Plan & Act completely changes the rules of the game. Our service takes advantage of Internet technology to reduce the cost of financial planning, in order to allow people from all walks of life to realize their financial goals and dreams.

Plan & Act meets the needs of ordinary Americans for holistic financial planning services. The unique services being offered on this site give you the highest level of professional financial advice at a very low price. What enables us to do this is an exciting new technology that produces fast, actionable results - making your financial planning process quick, practical and convenient.

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