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Financial Assessment,
Online Resources
$ 29  per month
$ 299  per year

Interactive Financial
$ 89  per month
$ 995  per year

Financial Coaching,
Building Emergency Fund
$ 1,700  per year
$ 149  per month

Financial Coaching,
Limited Investment Advisory
$ 1,700 + AUM
estimate per year
Advanced Wealth
Building Strategies
$ 12,000 -$ 36,000
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Unlimited Retainer

Subscription Details

Your Wealth Stage Building the FoundationEarly AccumulationRapid AccumulationFinancial Independence 
Your Financial Ratios Net Worth Is Less Than Annual IncomeNet Worth Is 1-3x Annual IncomeNet Worth Is 3-7x Annual IncomeInvestment Portfolio Is 7-25x Living Expenses
Sufficient income, wealth, complexity, savings and value to justify cost of Life & Wealth Mastery Service Agreement
StrategyFinancial AssessmentFive Fundamentals of Financial Fitness & Complete Bottom Level of Wealth PyramidDiversify & Build Second Level of Wealth PyramidFocus Risk, Accelerate Growth, Optimize Tax Efficiency & Build Third Level of Wealth PyramidTransition Stage Reduce Risk, Begin Converting Wealth into Lifetime Inflation Protected Income, Start Doing What You Really Want To Do 

Subscription Components

Financial Assessment and 30-minute meeting with advisor
Online Resources
Two-Minute Spending Planner
Actual Spending
Next Steps Financial Plan
Interactive Progress Tracker
Access to Closed Facebook Mastermind Group
Monthly Mastermind Group Coaching
Online Educational Content on the 7 "Levers" of Financial Growth You Control
Targeting the growth rate of your Net Worth
Targeting your income
Targeting your savings rate
Targeting your living expenses
Targeting your debt reduction rate
Targeting your return on investments
Targeting your leverage, or use of good debt, aka Other People's Money
Financial Dreams Calculator
Investment Account Creation and Management
Individual Results Coaching Appointments22-4Unlimited
Selected Appointments
Annual Portfolio Analysis and Rebalancing
5-Year Wealth Accumulation Plan
Insurance and Risk Management
Retirement Readiness Planning
Roth Conversion Planning
Personal Development
Converting Wealth into Lifetime Income (without an Annuity)
Year End Tax Planning and Tax Efficiency Strategies
Estate Planning: Preparation and Guidance
Estate Planning Implementation
Special Needs Planning
Advanced Asset Protection
Tax Managed Portfolio
Volatility Managed Portfolio
Pension Consulting
Accredited Investor Strategies
Advisor Assisted
  • Interactive 5-Year Plan
  • Retirement Income Projection
  • Coaching session with a financial coach
Do It Yourself
  • Financial Assessment
  • Smart Chat - Interview
  • Complete Next Steps Plan